NLC Strike: Ajaero Denies His Group Being Used By FG

NLC Strike: Ajaero Denies His Group Being Used By FG

The factional leader of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Mr Joe Ajaero, has dismissed the official confirmation that his faction of the bond is creature used to divide the NLC in order for handing out to have its pretentiousness on the subject of speaking the added petrol pump price.

Speaking on Channels Televisions Sunrise Daily today, Mr Ajaero criticised the impression in which the Waba-led faction of the NLC went roughly about the dialogue with the federal government over the matter.

He condemned the Waba charity for making decisions affecting affiliate unions without consulting the leadership of those unions.

He add-on that the petroleum workers membership his charity of the NLC and were key players in the issue mammal debated, and would not have their interests misrepresented.


He agreed that the accretion in petrol price was rise at 145 Naira but there were every choice schools of thought..

which includes the demand for palliatives while some felt the President by his credibility deserved some trust.

Mr Ajaero affirmed that the two factions of the NLC have been in existence since the 2015 election of the Nigeria Labour Congress. Although there have been efforts to reconcile them but these have not been affluent.

He said that the decision of the incline to negotiate in the relieve on both factions of the bond must have been because the issues at stake required that the whole stakeholders be on the go.

NLC Strike

He explained further, “The federal government realised that the issue at stake was petroleum and NUPENG made it clear that the other group cannot represent their interest, this is the NLC they belong to and they sent the invitation across.

“We got there in the spirit of joint leadership and the other group said they were not going to talk. I think we were the ones who carried ourselves to the federal government to show our division.

“Ordinarily if we had a unified position and carried it to the federal government, they would stand by it.”
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